Welcome to my house.

The first post on the brand new blog! has that "new blog" smell about it.  Just sit there and take it in for a sec. I've been so freaking excited about getting this thing set up along with my new website and fresh branding of Kent Meister Photography.  It's about damn time!  Hope that you all are liking the new sleek look as much as I am.  Many, many thanks go out to Ursula and Patrick at dammsavage design for working so closely with me in developing all of this, especially the clean new logo.  They gave me so many great options that it was hard to choose!

So, new website and new blog.  Done.  Checked off the list.  Hi-fives and back-slaps all around!  Now time to get shooting some more.

I have a lot to share of some of my most recent work, I've been so busy with both weddings and headshots....and hell, I'm still in the process of producing and acting in my production company's first feature film....but that's a story for another time.  I'll get around to all of that soon enough.   For now here's a look at the Red Hook building that houses dammsavage design, the site of all of the work done over the past few months.  After my last meeting there, I happened to have my dad's trusty old Nikon FM loaded with some film.  I looked up and took this shot.  The sun smiles on our labors.