Eric & Jackie | Prospect Heights Engagement

I just shot Eric and Jackie's wedding this week, but never got around to blogging their engagement shoot.  So I'm gonna do that now.  It was a short and sweet shoot, one of my favorites of the year so far!  Plus it never hurts that we got to shoot and hang out right here in my own neighborhood.  Bonus! Here's a sidebar for any camera nerds---this was my first shoot to really play with my new (to me) Nikon D4.  I'm not usually into writing much about gear, but I'm totally in love with this camera, guys.  I've shot with a D800 and D700 for years, both great cameras that I get wonderful results from.  So why do I freaking drool over my D4?  Auto focus.  It's just so much better than any camera I've ever used.  I have so many more keepers because it just plain works and gets out of my way.  Plus the ISO at 3200 and up is WAY more pleasing to me than on the D800.  That's huge when you're shooting in as many dark venues as I do.

I didn't go whole hog and get the new D4s since I nabbed a great deal on this refurbished D4, but I don't regret it in the least.  It's a good feeling too, since I feel like so many other photographers I know are making the move for smaller, mirrorless cameras and leaving behind their monster DSLRs.  I totally get it and for some scenarios I think it's a smart move.  For shooting weddings though, I can't live without my DSLRs.  I want a camera that makes me feel confident that I can get the shot.  For me, the Nikon D4 does that.