New Personal Work

I've been pushing myself recently to get out there and shoot a bit more personal work; it's a good habit to get into and I don't do it nearly often enough.  The images here started with one thing---a great vintage Bill Blass dress.  It used to belong to my wife's mother and I wanted to have Morgan wear it in the photos.  So we started with wardrobe, plus I brought on Ana Marie Salamat for hair/makeup, and I had another friend come in as a lighting assistant.  Small crew.  The day prior I scouted my neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and settled on a location along the promenade of Eastern Parkway.  I wanted images that had a slightly noir quality, a cinematic drama to them.  I also knew I wanted to use both the sun and soft studio light since I've been more and more interested in outdoor location photography and the challenges that lie within that. These first two shots had been merely to test and tweak light.  The sun was creating a nice rim and I wanted to angle my flash to come in from the front, but the same side of the frame as the sun.  That way there is beautiful soft light on the face, but it doesn't feel weirdly unmotivated.  It had just the cinematic feel that I was looking for.



For the bulk of our shooting I directed Morgan to create a character that might possibly be in a lot of trouble.  I didn't want to define it too closely, but I wanted the sense that there was urgency involved in where she was headed and that she could possibly run into the wrong people along the way.  Movement and quiet tension.






To top off the day, we found a simple location on the way home and couldn't resist getting a few more shots in while Morgan had this great get up on!