PH2 Associate Photographer

It's with great enthusiasm that I get to announce that I've been approved by the man himself and am now a PH2 Pro Associate photographer!   Peter Hurley has been a mentor of mine for awhile and I credit him for helping me bring my headshot photography to the next level.   He has really helped me tighten up the product that I end up handing over to you guys and the other photographers I've met along the way through my involvement with PH2 have been nothing but encouraging to each other; the support system within this community has been impressive from the start. The actual photography aspect of all this is such a small part too; Peter really hammered that home for me.  The client interaction and the EXPRESSION of what comes across in the frame is where the best work happens.  It's not easy to bring out multiple aspects of a person's personality after only just meeting them and having it result in an honest photograph, but Peter is a master at it.  He's coached me forward in that area by leaps and bounds.

This is all a long way of saying that I really appreciate his endorsement and am looking forward to working closer with this great group of photographers!  You can check out my PH2 profile right here at

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