Julie & Ian | Gantry Plaza State Park, Queens

When Julie mentioned that she was interested in shooting her portraits in Gantry Plaza State Park I thought it was a great idea; the skyline is beautiful and there is a bunch of iconic NYC-signage, including the beloved, old Pepsi Cola sign here.  I, of course, did my due diligence and researched shooting at the park beforehand.  Unlike a lot of other parks in NYC, a wedding shoot requires a permit there.  For the type of shooting I do during the portrait part of the day (mostly natural light, not any light stands to block foot traffic) I don't usually have to worry about permits anywhere.  We went back and forth on whether or not it was worth it; I think these pictures say it all!  Congrats you guys! And here's a message to NYC wedding photographers: do your research!  There were parks officials all over the place during our shoot and they love to shut you down if you don't have your permits in order.  It's not difficult to get all of this straight and better you do that rather than shuffle an entire wedding party off of the location with your tail in between your legs.  So, you know, don't be that person is all I'm sayin'.  You're welcome.

bride at famous Pepsi sign, LIC, Queens

wedding party Manhattan skyline

bride and groom in the williows, Gantry State Park

b&w groom and bride in Gantry State Park

Brenizer Method pano Gantry State Park

Yes, we got photobombed by a Nestle Quik bunny...

couple with Nestle bunny, LIC

b&w couple at Gantries