Preview | Eric and Sarah's Smoky Mountain Wedding

There are some weddings that you go to where everything just feels RIGHT.  I don't mean that the venue has to be beautiful and all the details have to be perfect (although in this case both of those things were true), I mean that there is an overwhelming feeling between everyone involved that these two people are truly meant to be together, have tremendous amounts of love for each other and everything is playing out exactly as it should.  There were big, beautiful emotions flying all over the place; you'd have to be made of tougher stuff than I not to get swept up in it all. I couldn't be happier for Eric and Sarah.  Congrats to you both and thank you for reminding me what I love about doing what I do.  Getting to be there and document such a great day is a thrill.  THANK YOU.

bride and groom in Cataloochee, NC

Oh, and remember how I said the venue was beautiful...I think that may have been an understatement.  How awesome is this?!  Cataloochee, North Carolina for the win.

bridal party heading to Palmer Chapel