Jen & Ian | Hudson Valley Wedding at Oak Hill

I gotta admit, I wasn't completely prepared for how gorgeous it was up in Hudson, NY when I went up to shoot Jen and Ian's wedding this summer.  It's like something out of a postcard up there!  The town itself and the venue at Oak Hill were a perfect kind of upstate rustic-chic. Jen and Ian also took advantage of the Lo-Fi package I offer where I shoot a few packs of Impossible Project Polaroid film along with a few rolls of medium format film on the classic plastic Holga.  I love the vibe of these, especially the Polaroids.  They make an awesome keepsake too!

So yeah...I'll just shut up and let you enjoy the awesome.  And these two live right in my neighborhood, so I'll save the extra congrats for when I run into them at Washington Commons.



wedding dress and shoes in Hudson, NY

bride getting into dress

bride's pretty hair in Hudson, NY

happy bride in veil

bridal portrait in cool living room

gorgeous bride in veil

Oak Hill in Hudson, NY

groom portrait at Oak Hill

groom detail at Oak Hill

Polaroid portrait of groom at Oak Hill

bride groom first look at Oak Hill

bride groom first look at Oak Hill

bride groom first look kiss

bride groom first look on country road

bride bouquet in Hudson, NY

tilt shift photography at hudson valley wedding

bridal party at Oak Hill in Hudson Valley

groomsmen at Oak Hill in Hudson Valley, NY

Polaroid of wedding party at Oak Hill

bride and groom at Oak Hill in Hudson, NY

brenizer method panorama of bride and groom at Oak Hill

wedding at Oak Hill in Hudson, NY

wedding guests at Oak Hill

wedding guests take pics at Oak Hill

proud parents at Oak Hill wedding

father and bride at Oak Hill wedding

father gives away daughter at Oak Hill wedding

groom cracks up at Oak Hill wedding

first kiss at Oak Hill wedding

bride and groom full of joy at Oak Hill wedding

post wedding bliss at Oak Hill



signature cocktails at Oak Hill wedding

Polaroid of signature cocktails

reception barn at Oak Hill


Oak Hill reception details




delicious cakes at Oak Hill wedding reception

wedding cake at Oak Hill reception

first dance at Oak Hill reception

gorgeous b&w first dance

father/daughter dance at Oak Hill reception

grandmother giving sage advice to couple

mother of the groom dancing at reception

cute girl eating cake at wedding reception