Hank | NYC Street Portraits

Recently I've been looking for ways I can break out of my comfort zone here and there.  For example, I've always loved street portraits from guys like Zach Arias (his Q&A book is great, by the way.  You can get it HERE.), but I've always felt nervous about blindly approaching people on the street.  Inspired by Zach's book about giving yourself personal projects, I'm going to start a series of street portraits here on the blog.  And since picking up the Fuji XPro1, there's been no excuse to take it with me wherever I go.  Loving that camera! I met Hank on 14th Street near Union Square yesterday.  I've never met a woman named Hank before and I think it's seriously awesome and badass.  If you're out there Hank, you've got a free picture waiting for you.