Jonathan Scott Chinn | Director

I had my old friend and colleague at Charred Oak Films, Jonathan Scott Chinn, in the studio the other day.  He's the director of our indie feature The Widowers and we needed to do some portraits as we gear up to push our film through post and into the festival circuit.  If you haven't seen the trailer yet for The Widowers, check out; we'll be updating there with any festival information as we get down the line.

Setup is simple here; one light with an Einstein 640WS in a gridded beauty dish.  BOOM.  I think I also had a black card on camera right to deepen the shadows.  I went for a little free-lensing on this first shot, then used a prism to catch some really cool effects in camera on the second shot.  Loving how these came out.




And oh yeah, we shot some FILM up in here!  A little Kodak Portra160.  I'd never really shot film with my studio setup before and it was a good time to give it a go.  The D800 shots look good, but the, oh man, oh man.