Hello, 2013.

Well, last year was a bit of a doozy, to put it mildly. Aside from a wild amount of drama in my personal life, my business saw it's first solid year of operation. There is still growth to achieve, but I'm proud of everything that's been done so far. At a New Year's party two weeks ago, I found myself in the great company of some old and new clients; to listen and hear how in love they are with their wedding photos and how much they cherish them, it made me feel great. I have a renewed sense that what I've chosen to do really matters to the people that hire me. I'm deeply grateful for those that have entrusted me with capturing these important moments in their lives: be it their wedding, headshots, or images for their brand new business. I'm excited for the new year and what may bring. I'm going to be introducing some new packages and products for my wedding clients, and this weekend I'm going to be attending a weekend workshop with NYC headshot photographer Peter Hurley that's going to leave me teeming with new ideas on what to bring to the table for all my actors. Oh, and I also got a brand spanking new Nikon D800 that I'll be able to make gorgeously huge prints with this year. Since a medium format system isn't on the near horizon for me, I am super excited by what I'm going to be able to create with this baby!

In the vein of wanting to do some test shots with the D800, I tackled some self-portraits yesterday. This is the face I'm putting on for 2013: determined....and heavily bearded. Let's get on it, guys.