Karen & Mickey | Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Rarely have I come across a couple who has as much fun together as Karen and Mickey.  Whenever I see two people that laugh together as easy as they do, I know they're gonna be alright.  Plus, let me tell you...these two know how to party like you wouldn't believe!  Their reception was fairly epic! Their wedding was a Brooklyn affair through and through.  The guys got ready at the Nu Hotel on Smith Street, the ladies over at the bride's parents' house in Gravesend....and the church was just around the corner.  Their reception was held at the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, one of my all-time favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods.  The views at this venue are where it's at, especially around sunset.

While putting this post together and looking over these photos from just this past July, it's hard to believe that most of Red Hook is in such horrible shape right now after Hurricane Sandy.  So I felt compelled to say something about it here---if you are looking for ways to help, but don't know what else to do, the Red Cross has a very simple and convenient way to donate.  Just text "redcross" to 90999 and they will bill your mobile carrier on your following statement.  If you are in the NYC-area and want to lend a physical hand, consider helping out at the Red Hook Initiative.

But hey, we're New Yorkers and we bounce back.  That's just how we roll.  Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with Karen and Mickey here----congrats again, guys!