Mel the Milkbite: Snack Identity Crisis

Last year I got the chance to work with ad agency Droga5, voted Creative Agency of 2011 by Ad Age, on their campaign for Kraft's new snackbar, MilkBite.  They had a fresh and original take on the campaign, creating a nervous, introspective mascot for the snack in Mel the MilkBite, his identity crisis stemming from his being both milk and granola.  The Henson Creature Shop got involved and Mel here came to life.

The great part about this job was getting to set up shots that helped further Mel's character.  The premise of having a snackbar mascot with an identity crisis is hilarious to start, but past that there was an opportunity to give Mel a certain amount of levity.  He's funny, but he takes himself seriously.  So if we approached a lot of these photos by thinking about things from his perspective rather than poke fun at him, it would make him all the more relatable.  And judging by how people have been taking to him on his facebook page, I think that it's an approach that has absolutely worked.

So go over to his page and give him some love.  He really does need it.  Like, really.