Featured Client | Jennifer Eolin

I've had the pleasure of acting with Jennifer in the upcoming film from my production company, Charred Oak Film's THE WIDOWERS, and as a bonus I got to shoot this talented lady's new headshots.  Because I'm just cool like that. Jennifer has a long resume as a writer in the industry (uh..Seinfeld ring a bell?) and she's a top-notch actor and comedian.  She's booking shows left and right here in NYC, to keep track of all the dates just check her website, fan her on Facebook, YouTube, or follow her blog RIGHT HERE.   She's also got a web series right now, The Tutorialists, that's about a couple of chicks who know how to do some things.  Like fry an egg.  Or piss off your ex-boyfriend on Facebook.  You might think you already know how to do these things, but trust me....you don't.

Keep the funny coming, Jennifer!